Konko-Kyo Church of San Francisco
1909 Bush Street

The Konko-Kyo Church of San Francisco has been a part of the Japantown community since 1930 and was founded by Rev. Yoshiaki Fukuda. The church initially held service at 2076 Bush Street, but within one year, the church leadership purchased and moved to its current location at 1909 Bush Street to accommodate its growing membership. During the evacuation of Japanese Americans during World War II, Reverend Fukuda was classified by the FBI as a "Class A" Japanese leader and was interned for almost six years, forcing the church to close during his absence. During San Francisco’s urban renewal program in the 1960s, an outpouring of community support and donations prevented the church’s conversion to residential space, enabling a new building to be constructed at its current site in 1974.

The Konko-Kyo Church of San Francisco practices and preaches the Konko-Kyo faith, which originated 150 years ago in Japan. The Konko-Kyo Church holds service every Sunday morning, and is also open on weekdays from 8am-6 pm.