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Early Japanese students arrived to study at the university in the 1920s. Discriminatory policies created the need for Japanese student housing for the next several decades. By the 1940s, there were 7 student-housing facilities and 2 student clubs. While the early Japanese settled near Shattuck Ave and Channing Way, Japanese businesses soon scattered to commercial areas throughout the city with 12 markets, 9 laundries, 8 cleaners, 6 florists, 5 nurseries, and 6 shoe repairs. For the growing population that reached 1,320 by 1940, 8 churches, 6 Japanese schools, and numerous organizations were established. The Obata Studio, established by renown artist Chiura Obata, along with his wife and son, was recently designated a City of Berkeley landmark. Over 75 pre-war buildings remain and the post-war community continued its growth through the 60s,yet Nikkei history is unknown to most Berkeley residents.


Murakami Store

2938 Sacramento St, Berkeley

New Tokyo Cleaners

2142 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Nippon Laundry

2034 Addison St, Berkeley

Nippon Realty Co

1623 Webster St, Berkeley

Nissei Club

1510 Oregon St, Berkeley

Obata Art Studio

2525 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Oishi, Z.

2110 Vine St, Berkeley

Oki, S.

2121 Dwight Way, Berkeley

Pacific Floral Co

2127 University Ave, Berkeley

Pacific Garden Nursery

1500 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Quality Grocery

3201 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley


2225 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Royal Beauty Salon

2166 University Ave, Berkeley

S. Kido, Attorney

1804 Stuart St, Berkeley

Sakura Cleaners

3236 Adeline St, Berkeley

Save More Market

3000 Martin Luther King Blvd, Berkeley

Security Market

2551 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Shattuck Florist

1532 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Shattuck Linen Shop

2197 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Solano Laundry

1741 Solano Ave, Berkeley

Sun Market

1405 Martin Luther King Blvd, Berkeley

Sun Rise Flower Shop

2610 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Supreme Laundry

2954 College Ave, Berkeley

T.W. Cleaners

2410 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Taka Nursery

1920 6th St, Berkeley

Takagi Apartment

2539 Fulton St, Berkeley

Three Star Market

2438 Sacramento St, Berkeley

Toguchi Boarding

1919 Addison St, Berkeley

Tohokujin Kai

1624 Parker St, Berkeley

Tokyo Co

2046 University Ave, Berkeley

U.C. Fruit Market

2558 Martin Luther King Blvd, Berkeley

U.C. Student Club

1777 Euclid Ave, Berkeley

U.C. Women's Club

2509 Hearst St, Berkeley

U.S. Grocery

3120 California St, Berkeley

United Church Gakuen

McGee Ave and Carleton St, Berkeley

University Laundry

2530 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Valet Cleaners

1960 University Ave, Berkeley

Yatabe, K.

835 University Ave, Berkeley

Your Florist

2795 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley