Japantown's Peace Plaza

The Japantown Peace Plaza is an outdoor court which connects the Miyako and Kintetsu Malls. It is the venue for many community celebrations, such as the Obon Festival, Aki Matsuri, Children’s Day, and the Cherry Blossom Festival. Created in the mid-1960s as a complement to the Japan Center Mall during redevelopment, the initial plaza design featured a 17th century "eternal flame" that was donated by the Sumida Shrine in Osaka, Japan. The original design included a granite reflecting pool that surrounded the Peace Pagoda, and a large drum-tower at the center of the plaza.

Inspired by a set of round pagodas that existed in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, the Peace Pagoda was donated to Japantown as a gesture of goodwill in 1968 by the City of Osaka, San Francisco's sister city in Japan. It has since become one of Japantown's main landmarks.

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