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At the turn of the century, early Japanese laborers found work among the citrus orchards of Riverside county. Japanese community began to gather and 2 Christian churches were established by 1915. By 1940, the small town included a Japanese hall, Japanese school, a boarding house 2 pool halls, 3 restaurants, and 12 other stores and businesses. The Harada House, a National Historic Landmark, shares the story of Jukichi Harada, a local restaurant owner, and his fight to retain his property contested by his Caucasian neighbors. A Riverside judge recognized the rights of property ownership of American-born children of immigrants, yet the Alien Land Law was upheld.


Dr. Inaba

3859 Main St, Riverside

Gotori Co.

2931 Madison St, Riverside

Harada House

3356 Lemon St, Riverside

Japanese School

9585 Rudisill St, Riverside

Kendo Dojo

RFD 3 Box 149, Riverside

Maple Caf

3575 Main St, Riverside

Matsubara Camp

Rt. 2 S.J.L.C., Riverside

Mike's Grocery

4195 Park Av, Riverside

New World San Branch

P.O. St. Casa Blanca, Riverside

Nishimoto C.

3055 Madison St, Riverside

Sakaguchi Co.

2711 13th St, Riverside

Shibata Co.

2996 14th St, Riverside

Takeda Co.

2915 Madison St, Riverside

Union Church

3195 14th St, Riverside

Yamada Bros.

4271 Market, Riverside

Yoshidaya Co.

2989 14th St, Riverside